Users’ views arouse interest – European recognition to Finland

Users’ views arouse interest – European recognition to Finland

Euro FM (European Facilities Management Network) selected Kaisa Airo, a doctoral student at Aalto University, Researcher of the Year. She studies the debate on work environments and related changes – stories and feelings.

Kaisa Airo is working on her doctoral dissertation as a member of the Built Environment Services research team at Aalto University. She has presented intermediate results of her research to international real estate sector research communities over several years. Her selection was announced at the EFMC 2013 Conference in Prague on May 23, 2013.

– The innovative research approach and the required multidisciplinarity are characteristic of the research conducted by Kaisa Airo. She is genuinely interested in users of spaces, summed up Professor Keith Alexander, chairman of the jury.

– I will complete my dissertation within a year. The European recognition and interest for my topic encourage me to do further research. My study of people´s views about the work environment has made me better equipped to understand the change in the environment and spaces. The way people talk reveals how they experience the work environment while also reflecting the way they use space. This should always be remembered when designing or entering a new work environment, says Kaisa Airo.

The event was also attended by Satu Kankaala, Development Manager, Environment and Sustainability at Aalto University Properties Ltd, an exploiter of the research results as part of the RYM Indoor Environment Program.

– Kaisa´s study of users and their experiences has given us valuable information about the work spaces of researchers: an open and versatile working environment increases satisfaction. We are exploiting her research results with Aalto University Campus and Facility Services both in developing the campus and designing a new building, according to Kankaala.

The supervisor of Kaisa´s dissertation and driving force behind the research project, Research Manager Suvi Nenonen, emphasizes that Kaisa Airo was recognized for both quality research and work as a member of a network. “She has been able to exploit the social capital of the network while the network has been an important channel for disseminating research results.”

The recognition is the second one for the research team. Finnish research appears to be firmly on the world map.

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