The UiBEX research program turns user experience into growth business

The UiBEX research program turns user experience into growth business

RYM Oy is preparing the UiBEX research program which focuses on spaces that promote wellbeing and on related user experiences. The program aims to create preconditions for new growth business.

The program will accept a maximum of 20 enterprises that want to reform their business and improve the know-how of their staff. The UiBEX program offers young built environment experts good opportunities for internationalization and, for example, doctoral studies.

The intention is to put together the UiBEX group of companies by the end of June. Applications for the research program should be submitted to Tekes by September 9, 2015.

Digitalization drives innovation

The global change trends behind the program have a profound effect on all sectors served by the real estate and construction industry. The modes, places and times of doing work change. Housing, commerce and health care are in transition. The common denominator of the changes is accelerating digitalization.

– We want to be at the forefront helping our clients meet these changes. At the same time, we must radically change or own practices. So far we have failed to communicate effectively with the users of the premises we built, says Pekka Metsi, CEO at Granlund Oy.

– Present business models cannot respond to future changes. We need integrative cooperation models, a culture and communities of cooperation and development. Above all, we need better information and understanding of the experiences of the users of spaces. They will allow us to create completely new kinds of business, emphasizes Jussi Aho, CEO at Fira Oy.


Multidisciplinary research and cross-sectoral cooperation

The objective of the UiBEX program is to do multi- and cross-disciplinary futures research that yields results that can be tested in fitting platforms and laboratories provided by practical construction projects.

– Basic research data and experts must be acquired from outside our sector. Thereby we get a realistic idea of what kinds of housing, learning and work environments, and, for example, hospitals, we should build, points out Jan Elfving, Head of Nordic Procurement Unit at Skanska Oy.

Pekka Metsi wishes to involve not only innovative real estate and construction sector enterprises in the research cooperation, but also companies operating at the client interfaces of the sector. For instance, developers of wellbeing technology are welcome.

– Standards and ambitions must be high. We must pursue international top research. With the program we intend to create a construction sector Slush event that will annually draw people from across the world to come and see what we have accomplished in Finland, Aho envisions.

– We are creating a totally new kind of community that is worth joining. It’s a community of smart people, diverse expertise, fun events, and, above all, inspiring interaction, Elfving notes.

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