The TO THE NEXT LEVEL Program Invites Leaders for the 2020s

The TO THE NEXT LEVEL Program Invites Leaders for the 2020s

RYM Oy is preparing a research program that will create a new informational base and new business models for the coming growth businesses of the 2020s. The program aims to transform construction into a service for a customer’s core business.

Construction companies that want to grow won’t be successful using yesterday’s thinking and outdated operational models. RYM Oy and Fira Oy are preparing the TO THE NEXT LEVEL program with clear business and societal goals. Construction needs to be the service that delivers better results to customers, suppliers and the whole of society. At the same time, it has to offer a growth path for companies and top-notch professionals in Finland and internationally.

There are two main sources of growth: through expansion of the builder’s offering and through globalization of service concepts. Profitability has to be based on the value that the customer receives and on benefits that integrated operational models provide. The TO THE NEXT LEVEL program should eventually foster a project portfolio of one billion euros domestically and three billion internationally by 2020.

The TO THE NEXT LEVEL program’s objective is to create a new service ecosystem. Built environment and industry-specific integrators will provide services in collaboration with customers and cross-industry partners. The new service platform is not limited to providing spaces for the cheapest price, instead it offers solutions for a customer’s core business problems. The value that a customer receives could be e.g. improved satisfaction, increased profitability, faster change or sustainable business growth.


The first TO THE NEXT LEVEL projects will be learning environments, living environments, work environments, care services and projects that reform retail businesses. The ecosystem includes companies and organizations that have shared goals towards the customers. An essential part of the new ecosystem is the centers of growth – cities that are both customers and enablers.



The TO THE NEXT LEVEL program is currently seeking capable partners across industry borders.

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Contact persons

Ari Ahonen, RYM Oy, ari.ahonen[at]

Jussi Aho, Fira Oy, jussi.aho[at]

Lauri Merikallio, Vison Alliance Partners Oy, lauri.merikallio[at]