The RYM program clears the way to Russian housing markets

The RYM program clears the way to Russian housing markets

About twenty Finnish construction companies operating in Russia are launching a joint RYM program. The program works in close cooperation with Russian authorities to reform the supervision of housing construction..

The focuses of the Russian program to be implemented in 2014-2016 are the residential indoor environment, energy efficiency and influencing urban development. The first pilot projects to be implemented with new technology and forms of cooperation should start in the St. Petersburg Region during 2015.

This is in many respects the right time to tighten cooperation between Finnish actors and make new breakthroughs in the Russian market. A new bill is being considered by the lower house of the Russian Parliament, the Duma, that aims to speed up building permit processes, allow the use of EU norms, and improve energy efficiency.

– The Russian Federation, the Construction Committee of St. Petersburg, and several Russian companies have already expressed their interest in cooperation within the program, says Timo Koponen of Awara Group. He is preparing the program as a VTT consultant in cooperation with RYM Oy.


The Finnish driver companies of the program are Lemminkäinen and NCC. Other companies already committed to the program include Kiilto, Teknos, Wienerberger, Skaala, Rudus, Paroc, Peikko, Uponor, SPU, Betset, Reka, Pipemodul, Pamon/Kair, Fatman, Arktik and Sortim. The goal is to encourage particularly the Finnish construction materials and products industry to establish plants in Russia.

– We want to support the export efforts and launching of production by SMEs in Russia. Close cooperation helps many companies avoid unnecessary mistakes often made by start-ups, says Juuso Hietanen who is in charge of NCC´s housing production in Russia.