The Indoor Environment Program: Pioneering Research and Fresh Thinking

The Indoor Environment Program: Pioneering Research and Fresh Thinking

The Indoor Environment Program coordinated by RYM Oy has published 54 journal articles, 129 conference reports, and seven academic theses. According to the second scientific review of the program, this is a remarkable outcome in indoor environment research and especially in construction and real estate business.

The second scientific review of the IE program has been written by the Academic Work Group with three faculty scientists:

  • Professor Kari Reijula, MD, Ph.D., Professor, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Helsinki University, Finland (Chair of the AWG)
  • Professor Göran Lindahl, MD, Ph.D., Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Professor Kwok Wai Tham, Ph.D., National University of Singapore, Singapore

According the review, the IE Program has been an excellent innovation and platform for a multi-professional approach to tackling challenges associated with the indoor environment.

– The real innovation of this program seems to be the novel thinking that technical solutions can benefit the users occupying the facilities. This can be recognized by an improved well-being and productivity which leads to increasing markets of this type of planning and construction.

– Internationally the IE Program has also been a pioneer: to our knowledge, research on this field has not been carried out at this magnitude earlier. Thus, it is important to use this novel information, new skills, and expertise without delay in developing action models, tools and products.

The Indoor Environment Program had 31 industrial partners and 13 research partners in the research consortium and the total research budget for both industrial research, and academic research was 23.8 million euros. The duration of the program was from May 1, 2011 to March 30, 2015.

The scientific review is published as a part of in the Electronic Results Report of the Indoor Environment Program.