The Finnish cluster aces data center business

The Finnish cluster aces data center business

Finns are highly competitive in the quickly developing data center business. A good example of this is the cluster forming around the data center business. It encompasses not only players from the real estate and construction sector, but also from both energy and ICT industries, plus government participation.

Of cluster members, the ICT company Sonera has already launched a sizable data center in Helsinki. All in all 14 data center projects have been launched or are in the works, with a total budget in the billions of euros.

Investment decisions have been helped by the submarine optical data cable connecting Helsinki (via Rostock) to Frankfurt starting this year. The govern­ment-owned Cinia had a major role in this endeavor, which serves to prove once again that everybody is rooting for investment into Finland.

A significant plus is the relatively low cost of en­ergy in Finland. Coupled with a cold climate optimal for free cooling, supported by mechanical cooling in hottest hours during summer months, energy costs won’t amount to much.

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Anssi Salonen, D. Sc. (Tech.), RYM Oy

Osmo Koskisto, Ph. D. (Eng.), Senior Partner, Goodform Oy

Vesa Weissmann, MBA, Associated Partner, Gearshift Group Oy