Smarter cities by SHOK results

Smarter cities by SHOK results

Tekes’ Witty City programme and SHOK companies RYM, CLEEN, DIGILE and FIMECC presented their latest expertise and best solutions for the urban sector at an event held on 25 March. The event centred on examination of how SHOK results can help cities become smarter and more efficient.Over the past five years, SHOKs (Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation) have developed solutions and new expertise for the benefit of cities and their residents. Cities can utilise results in areas such as smart electricity grids, energy efficiency, working environments, ICT, transport and services.

“RYM Oy’s results can be utilised in a broad manner in urban design, as well as in more technical matters. The related EUE research programme seeks design and implementation solutions, as well as services that are user-oriented, digital and in line with sustainable development,” describes RYM Oy’s CTO Anssi Salonen.

“Almost everything DIGILE does involves cities. The city of the future is a network of smart digital services, as well as an ecosystem for developing services. DIGILE’s programmes and results produce a broad scope of expertise and solution models for the construction of smart cities,” sums up DIGILE OY CEO Reijo Paajanen.

Tekes’ Witty City programme, in turn, supports the development and adoption of new services and technology in authentic environments.

“Every year, cities invest billions of euros in their built environments, energy systems and transport services, etc. These incorporate a multitude of possibilities for company development projects, if cities were more bold in opening up their investments and regional development projects as development bases for companies,” says Programme Manager Virpi Mikkonen.

The Witty City programme has opened a call for proposals on eBusiness and eServices. The call for proposals is open until 25 April 2014. For more information see the Application schedules page.

Further information:
Call for proposals and Tekes’ Witty City programme: Programme Manager Virpi Mikkonen, Tekes, virpi.mikkonen(at), Tel.+358 50 557 7930

RYM Oy, CTO Anssi Salonen, anssi.salonen(at), Tel.+358 40 514 6181

DIGILE Oy, CEO Reijo Paajanen, reijo.paajanen(at), Tel. +358 50 1905

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