RYM results attracted attention and were praised in Copenhagen

RYM results attracted attention and were praised in Copenhagen

The results of various RYM research programs (Indoor Environment, PRE and EUE) were illustrated from many aspects in a refreshing manner in Copenhagen at the CIB Conference whose theme was “Using Facilities in an Open World – Creating Value for All Stakeholders” from May 21–23, 2014.

Experientialism interests

Architect Sari Tähtinen, who defended her doctoral dissertation at Aalto University, applied the 6T model to the experience of an area. The model is used to analyze non-measurable spatial experiences and factors related to the indoor environment. “The positive feedback that I received, which also linked our research to the broader discussion on urban facility management, made me happy,” Tähtinen stated.

Experientialism was also dealt with in researcher Inka Kojo’s article on Aalto Design Factory. She described the coworking concept in the context of an academic institution. Professor Hansen from Norway became interested in the 6T model and noted that the Usability of Workplaces research team can potentially make good use of it in the CIB network.

Several alternative learning environments and their development were the subject of the article by Eelis Rytkönen, a doctoral student. The first paper of the dissertation of Jyrki Yläoutinen plunged into the usability of laboratories.  Both authors were satisfied with the opportunities for joining networks during the conference.

Multidisciplinarity in action

Niclas Sandström, a doctoral student in Educational Psychology, presented the Minerva Square, the modifiable and interactive learning environment of University of Helsinki, as it relates to phenomenon-based learning and usability of space. The empirical material had been collected from students.

Sandström was enthusiastic about the new scientific forum which integrated the viewpoints of architecture, property management and facility management. The multidisciplinarity of the event was reflected in the joint presentations as well as the cross-disciplinary discussion.