RYM Oy refocuses activities as public funding ends

RYM Oy refocuses activities as public funding ends

RYM Oy – which has been a Strategic Center for Science, Technology and Innovation since 2009 – is going to change its operating strategy and business model. It must do so because the new Government Program Guidelines prevent Tekes from funding research programs of SHOK companies in the future. RYM Oy has 53 shareholders that have invested about EUR 2.1 million in it.

The Board of RYM Oy decided at its meeting to prepare with its key shareholders an open cross-sectoral innovation activity model to be implemented without public funding. The aim is to build a network of enthusiastic companies striving for international growth where RYM Oy is the open innovation activity platform, says Ilari Aho, Chairman of the Board at RYM Oy. Consequently, all owners are encouraged to present ideas and suggestions to the board and senior management for specifying the future operational model.

Three programs, EUR 65 million, valued results

The PRE (Built Environment Process Re-Engineering) program carried out in 2010–2014 has strengthened Finland’s position as a world leader in BIM utilization and speeded up the breakthrough of information modeling especially in the infrastructure sector. BIM-based design, implementation and maintenance will increase global competitiveness, improve quality, increase the value of investments, and change the entire production system. Thirty seven companies and six research institutes participated in the PRE program investing almost EUR 21 million in the development of new BIM-based practices and business models with the support of Tekes.

The Indoor Environment Program carried out in 2011–2015 created through the cooperation of almost 30 enterprises and 12 research institutes dozens of solutions that improve the wellbeing, productivity, comfort and learning of space users in an ecologically sustainable way. Studies have shown that a good and energy-efficient indoor environment built taking into account user experiences increases considerably the value of a property. The program that cost nearly EUR 24 million produced about 250 scientific journal or conference articles. About 90 percent of the participating companies reported that they had captured new markets and/or increased their turnover by participating in the program.

RYM Oy has one research program underway. The EUE (Energizing Urban Ecosystems) program involves 17 companies, SRV, KONE and SITO among them, and five research institutes that are laying a foundation for new ecosystems and business models of urban development. The key targets of innovation are BIM-based city models which will become digital user interfaces to smart cities. The just launched final phase of the EUE program will come to a close at the end of March 2016. The total volume of the program is about EUR 20 million.

Since funding can no longer be sought for SHOK programs, preparations for the UiBEX program as a SHOK program have been discontinued. Fira Oy, Granlund Oy, Skanska AB, and other companies that were involved and their partners are exploring possibilities of implementing the program on some scale driven by businesses. The focused and challenging aim of the program is to create growth business based on space user experiences through multidisciplinary research.

For further information:

Ilari Aho, Chairman of the Board at RYM Oy, Phone: +358 40 7077130, Email: ilari.aho@uponor.com

Ari Ahonen, CEO of RYM Oy, Phone: +358 400 618300, Email: ari.ahonen@rym.fi

Illustration: SYK Oy /  LSV Arkkitehdit Oy