RYM Oy Consultative Committee to consider company’s options

RYM Oy Consultative Committee to consider company’s options

RYM Oy, the Strategic Center for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Built Environment in Finland since 2009 is seeking new options to continue its activities. That is necessary because the policy guidelines of the Government Program mean the end of public funding for SHOK companies.

A meeting of the Consultative Committee representing the 53 shareholders of RYM Oy discussed on Nov. 17, 2015 the changed innovation environment of the actors of the built environment. Studies commissioned by the Board of RYM Oy on the challenges and possible key focuses of sector innovation activity formed the basis of the discussion. The inevitable megatrends are climate change, digitalization, urbanization, and the changing needs of people which must be met by innovative activity that increases the level of participation of clients and users of the built environment from the present.

– The panel of key owners’ representatives and the open shareholder discussion considered the different scenarios for future activities of RYM Oy outlined by the Board. The common goal is to ensure preconditions for open innovative activity of enterprises aiming at international growth, says Juha Lemström from Senate Properties, Chairman of the RYM Oy Consultative Committee.

The discussion at the Consultative Committee came to the conclusion that the most significant future innovations will occur at the interfaces of traditional sectors. That’s why the built environment has appeared very interesting from the viewpoint of other sectors.

– The meeting of the Consultative Committee provided the Board of RYM Oy a good basis for planning the future. The next board meeting will be held in December, according to Ilari Aho from Uponor Oyj, Chairman of the Board at RYM Oy.

RYM Oy has launched and coordinated three research programs in which enterprises have invested about €66 million with the support of Tekes. The PRE program, which has provided many new tools for efficient introduction of BIM especially in the infrastructure sector, was implemented in 2009–2014. The multidisciplinary Indoor Environment Program that strongly emphasized user experiences ended last year. The Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE) program, involving 17 enterprises (e.g. SRV, KONE and SITO) and five research institutes, is laying the foundation for new ecosystems and business models of urban development.

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Juha Lemström, Chairman of RYM Oy Consultative Committee, Phone +358 040 550 0847, juha.lemstrom@senaatti.fi

Ilari Aho, Chairman of RYM Oy Board, Phone +358 040 707 7130, ilari.aho@uponor.com

Ari Ahonen, CEO of RYM Oy, Phone +358 0400 618 300, ari.ahonen@rym.fi