RakSite – Mapgets application for coordinating construction site

RakSite – Mapgets application for coordinating construction site

RakSite application enables the 3D visualization and management of a construction site. Simple visual tools facilitate the communication and decision making concerning the site.


The RakSite application, built on the MapGets platform, visualizes the layout of a construction site, and supports management of operations and scheduling.

The application includes tools for visualizing the positions and safety zones of cranes, locations of material storage and different vehicles. 3D models of the planned building can be included to help site layout management.

All information is presented in an easily comprehensible, visual form. It can be interpreted both by construction professionals and stakeholders not possessing construction know-how. As the entire application operates in a web browser, it can be utilized without software requirements.Picture1

RakSite can be used to visualize the safety areas of equipment, like cranes.


A large construction site may have tens, or even hundreds of different stakeholders. They can be companies operating on site, or citizens of surrounding areas. Efficient communication is crucial for successful management of a construction site.

The application can be used in both internal management and planning of the site, and external communication, such as stakeholder involvement. It has the potential to reduce distress of stakeholders located next to large construction operations, and facilitate better interaction and communication.

By better planning, the conflicts on site can be reduced, resulting in an overall increase of efficiency.

Future Opportunities

The uptake of 3D tools for communication and collaboration increases as the 3D Internet technologies become increasingly common. In addition, the mobile use of such applications increases.

By utilizing BIM-models in browser based tools, similar applications can be developed for other areas of construction too.

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