Mapgets – the online 3d map application platform

Mapgets – the online 3d map application platform

The Mapgets online 3D map application platform was released on 26.8.2015. The open application development platform utilizes Meshmoon technology, and aims to make development of geospatial applications easier, and more cost efficient.


The Mapgets platform can be utilized for publishing and sharing geospatial data from the urban environment. By using existing interfaces, the model of the environment is generated automatically from available data, increasing the cost efficiency. With the latest online visualization technology, 3D city model becomes the platform for all data.

With mapgets, the developers can easily build and publish applications that operate on top of the 3D city model.

Open source technologies have been utilized in the Mapgets platform. These have been developed in several research projects, including the EUE project.  Mapgets is a joint venture of Adminotech and FCG City Portal Ltd.



City data sets can be accessed and visualized via interfaces


The migration of geospatial data sets to 3D environments is a global trend in urban planning and construction.

The Mapgets portal was released to promote digitalization and application development, and thus help increase productivity. It is a novel application ecosystem utilizing geospatial data, 3D models and visualization techniques. As an open platform, it provides a standardized environment for application development.


Future Opportunities

For application developers, the open source based development environment offers an excellent starting point for multi-dimensional, rich, interactive applications.

For data providers the service offers a possibility to publish spatial, multi layered data, and utilize it in applications.

For service providers the portal that utilizes open interfaces enables marketting of products and services combined with geospatial data.

For professionals the portal provides a single user interface for accessing a vast amount of data and applications.

RYM Program

Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE)


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