RYM Research Strategy and Programs

The core of the operations of RYM Oy are the research programs based on the research strategy decided by the shareholders, which the companies implement jointly over a 3-6 year time horizon.

We are just now renewing our research strategy. Three themes are emerging as focal points: spaces that increase well-being, competitiveness based on resource wisdom, and a built environment that attracts investments. The aim is to build Finnish ecosystems of excellence just for these areas. See more!

Main requirements for a RYM research program are:

  • great business potential
  • radical change
  • latest global information
  • multidisciplinary

Companies must play an active role in program preparation. Driver companies are selected for the preparation of each program. They devise the work packages and task plans in cooperation with research institutes. Companies interested in a program decide under guidance of the driver company the content, resources, participants and resourcing of each work package.

Ongoing RYM programs




Research Themes and Program Coverage


The Strategic Research Agenda