Built Environment Process Re-engineering (PRE)

Built Environment Process Re-engineering (PRE)

The just finished PRE program of RYM Oy, the SHOK company for the built environment, strengthens Finland’s position as the global leader in BIM (Building Information Management) research and introduction. BIM can improve construction quality, productivity and customer service radically. The PRE (Built Environment Process Re-Engineering) program carried out in 2010–2014 involved 37 companies and 6 research institutes. With support from Tekes, they invested a total of about € 21.8 million in the development of new BIM (Building Information Management) based procedures and business models.

The program consisted of six thematic work packages (driver company in parentheses):

Model Nova – Use of BIM during property´s life cycle from the owner´s perspective (Senate Properties)
NewWOW – Changing nature and requirements of knowledge work and their impact on management of an organization and spaces (Rapal Oy)
BIMCON – BIM-based product data management in the delivery chain of industrialized building (Skanska Oy)
DRUM – Entity data models and standards (Tekla Oyj)
Infra FINBIM – Future innovation-based delivery chain of the infra sector (VR Track Oy)
BIMCity – Platform for dissemination, evaluation and development of community-level built environment digital models (FCG Oy)

See here: PRE Results review

Scientific Evaluation: Arto Kiviniemi, University of Liverpool

Industry Evaluation: Ilkka Romo, Skanska Oy

PRE Program Result Seminar 18.11.2013, Presentations

Infra FINBIM & buildingSMART Finland Seminar 19.11.2013, Presentations




Totally new procedures and business models for the real estate, construction and infra sectors


21 m€




37 companies and 6 research institutes

Contact Person

Veijo Nykänen (Program Manager)
Tel. +358 400 622614