Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE)

Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE)

The goal of the EUE research program is to “Building solid foundations for the comprehensive understanding of the planning, design and management of the future urban areas and ecosystems, and turning this accumulating intellectual capital and know-how into successful, global business processes”.

During the program execution a joint task was to co-create an updated program vision; the process consisted of thematic workshops and work meetings. The updated vision of the program is “We believe in a serviceable human centric living environment, where the value is co-created through interaction, engagement and learning and by understanding the requirements and possibilities of the sustainable and enriching city.“

The vision is achieved by focusing in this program on the following subtopics for research and development activities and tasks:

  1. Description and visualization the processes of smart city planning and development.
  2. Recognition and understanding of the profiles of different areas as well as user groups for sustainable service production and decision-making.
  3. Development of services and service architecture by service- and experience design methods.
  4. Recognition and creation of innovative resources and the development of methods for resource sharing and management.
  5. Analysis of development of new business logics and opportunities for Value creation over the life cycles of investments in the built environment
  6. Openness, trust and genuine co-learning in an innovation ecosystem within the ongoing transdisciplinary program.

The work packages (driver companies in parentheses):

  1. Sustainable Innovation Cities (SRV)
  2. Regional Innovation Environment (City of Espoo & SITO)
  3. Business in Built Environment (Fira)




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