NEW STUDY: Managing, organizing and coordinating of BIM in building projects

NEW STUDY: Managing, organizing and coordinating of BIM in building projects

The management, organizing and coordination of BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects are researched in the study funded by the Finnish Work Environment during 2015-2016. A research group from the University of Helsinki carries out the study together with Mittaviiva Ltd, TietoaFinland LtD, Premises Centre of Helsinki, and Senate Properties as well as their networks. The research is conducted at current BIM-based building projects.

The use of BIM has increased in building projects during this decade. The effective use of BIM requires the development of management, organizing and coordinating both on the level of companies and networks of companies. The management, organizing and coordination can be supported by gathering information from current projects, by creating research-based models of new practices and by experimenting these new models in on-going building projects.

The main research questions in the BIM study are:

  • In which ways and by whom building information modeling is managed and coordinated in different projects? What kind of competence is required in BIM projects? How do different practical procedures advance the realization of BIM projects?
  • How do participants make agreements on the BIM use in different phases of a building project? Which features of BIM-models are required? Which tools are used, and with whom the use of BIM tools is negotiated? How is the adherence of agreements supervised and guided during a project?
  • How can the uses of different collaboration methods such as knotworking develop the management and realization of BIM-based design?

The results of the study are handed back to the participating organizations and companies in order to support their R&D activities. The results are also provided to other organizations, companies, universities and training institutes.

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