New solutions suggested for open innovation activity of real estate and construction sector – RYM Oy to be wound up

New solutions suggested for open innovation activity of real estate and construction sector – RYM Oy to be wound up

The decision has been made to end Finnish public funding of innovation activity based on the Strategic Centers for Science, Technology and Innovation. RYM Oy, which has been the SHOK company for the built environment since 2009, has ideated new solutions for the sector’s innovation activity. To enable the implementation of the solutions, the board of the company proposes to the shareholders that the company be wound up as a legal entity.

Under the leadership of its board, RYM Oy is preparing various alternatives for the future that will allow the 52 shareholders of RYM Oy to utilize the significant capital that will be freed up to develop joint sector and individual company innovation activity.

”RYM Oy has engaged in multidisciplinary research, development and innovation activity in the sector as well as networked with other sectors. It is essential for the competitiveness of the real estate and construction sector that sector companies invest also in the future determinedly in the development of their activities, services and products. Open innovation activity in close cooperation with partners, clients and users is the modern and effective way of improving business,” says Ilari Aho, Chairman of the Board at RYM Oy.

According to studies commissioned by the company, especially promising themes for open innovation are business promoting sustainable development, participatory processes, and development of a culture of experimentation for the sector. Servitization and digitalization, particularly the Internet of Things, provide opportunities for radical reformation of business.

New openings for research cooperation are welcome

”We hope that other sector actors besides RYM Oy shareholders also participate actively in innovation projects. We are preparing alternatives for the consideration of shareholders. They will be presented at the general meeting of RYM Oy in March 2016,” Ilari Aho continues.

Presently it appears that RYM Oy will continue to operate until next fall and that all its liabilities and commitments will be discharged normally until it ceases its activities. The last research program launched by the company, Energizing Urban Ecosystems, ends at the end of April 2016. It is establishing the foundation for new ecosystems and business models of urban development. Companies have invested about EUR 66 million with support from Tekes in three research programs of RYM Oy.

The winding up of RYM Oy is being prepared on the basis of the shared vision of the shareholders and there are no disagreements on the issue.

Photo: Tekes, Susanna Lehto


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