New research strategy and new operational models for RYM Oy

New research strategy and new operational models for RYM Oy

RYM Oy has recently reformed its research strategy. The new focus areas are spaces that increase well-being, resource wisdom that improves productivity and competitiveness, and a built environment that attracts investments. 

Ilari Aho“We believe that these thematic areas are the ones where companies have the best possibilities of creating new international business through leading edge research. At the same time we are seeking parallel options for Tekes-funded SHOK research programs. Our shareholder base is interested especially in practically oriented R&D related to large construction projects,” says Ilari Aho, Chairman of the Board at RYM Oy.

Aho took part in the SHOK Summit executive panel discussing the functionality of the SHOK concept. The session was a part of the SHOK Summit that took place in May 14, 2014 at the Millennium Pavilion in Helsinki. According to the panelists, the SHOK concept has brought together small and large firms and academics in an unprecedented manner, fostered dialog, created results, and introduced cross-industry value chains.

“Companies are considering carefully where to invest their development and innovation funds. Finland offers, at the moment, a very appealing and competitive innovation environment, thanks to well-functioning SHOKs,” Ilari Aho concluded.