“Marketing green buildings” has been selected outstanding paper 2013

“Marketing green buildings” has been selected outstanding paper 2013

Journal article ” Marketing green buildings – well-structured process or forgotten minor detail? Evidence from Finland” published in Property Management has been selected by the journal’s Editorial Team as the Outstanding Paper of 2013. Article is available at Emerald Literati network, which is one of the largest publication database in the world. The research was supported by the RYM Indoor Environment Program.

Henna EerikainenAnna-Liisa SarasojaArticle based on the research made in the real estate business research group at Aalto University. Article’s authors are Henna Eerikäinen, who works at the moment at Skanska, and Anna-Liisa Sarasoja, who works at Newsec Asset Management.

The aim of this study was to examine the current marketing situation of sustainable buildings from a Finnish real estate developer’s perspective and deepen the market’s understanding on this subject. The theoretical part of the paper is conducted through a literature study, and for the empirical part three different green building development projects were examined.

Article belongs to Indoor Environment Program’s research workpackage 3, ”Business Logic on Knowledge Intensive Space Markets (KISS)”.

Marketing of sustainable buildings lacks green ambition

The technology needed to build environmentally efficient buildings and the knowledge about their benefits is available. However, the ways of marketing these benefits to the public and customers and increasing the amount of green buildings have not been the subject of much research.

At the moment, the marketing of sustainable buildings lacks green ambition and not all are equally convinced about their differentiation potential. Results indicate that the environmentally efficient characteristics of the buildings are not considered to be their major selling arguments. Real estate sector sees that cerficates are sufficient sign of environmental-friendly business. This kind of thinking has a risk that organizations are not motivated to act innovative and more ecologically if greenness can’t be developed to marketing and selling argument. Focusing more to benefits of green buildings and how those benefits can be communicated to customers there is possibility to increase the effictiviness of marketing. Question is how companies want to get competitive advantage through innovative actions.

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