Leading edge RYM research opens global markets for enterprises

Leading edge RYM research opens global markets for enterprises

The RYM Summit 2013 held at University of Helsinki provided several examples of how strategic research collaboration between companies generates new and profitable business around the world. Yet, it requires bold visions and a passionate desire for renewal.

RYM Oy, which has been the strategic competence cluster for the built environment for about four years, is renewing its research strategy. Three themes are emerging as focal points: spaces that increase well-being, competitiveness based on resource wisdom, and a built environment that attracts investments. According to CEOAri Ahonen, the aim is to build Finnish ecosystems of excellence just for these areas. Team Finland experts shed light on related market outlooks and business potential in India, Vietnam and the United States at the RYM Summit.

Janne Jormalainen, Chairman of the Board at SPU Ltd, stressed the importance of setting bold goals for R&D at the RYM Summit:

– The construction sector does not dare dream and envision big. Success in global competition demands that we turn out the best products in the world. Ambitious product and solution development can only take place on the back of world class research expertise. And RYM Oy provides an excellent platform for that, as well as for strategic research collaboration with business partners and related financing, Jormalainen continued.

Huge indoor environment markets

Jormalainen believes that senior management is responsible for creating an atmosphere for R&D that aims high. It must also listen carefully to the sales organization which continuously tries to sense what kinds of innovations are needed in the field.

Janne Jormalainen

Jormalainen is also convinced that the construction industry has great possibilities for success in several sectors. Energy-efficient construction is an effective means of transferring value from the energy industry to the construction industry. Improvement of the indoor environment and preemptive problem solving offer many new business opportunities. Exploitation of IT in the management of construction processes and simulation of conditions opens up breathtaking vistas as the price of technology continues to decrease.

The Indoor Environment Program of RYM Oy has already produced many significant results that have aroused international interest, including over 100 scientific publications. Commercialization of the results of the program has also been highly successful. They have been exported effectively by conducting results workshops with enterprises.

Infrastructure BIM vision is becoming reality

The InfraFINBIM work package of the RYM Oy PRE (Built Environment Process Re-engineering) program set itself a bold goal and vision: in 2014 all large infrastructure managers will commission only BIM-based service. The work package leader Kimmo Laatunen from VR Track Oy affirmed that the goal will be reached.

– All obstacles have been removed, only fine tuning is required. The requirements and guidelines for BIM are near completion. They have been developed and tested in tens of pilot projects across the country. The Finnish Transport Agency and large cities are committed to introducing the Inframodel 3 data exchange format starting from May 1, 2014. Finland also plays a key role in the international standardization of infrastructure modeling, Laatunen added.

Successful leading edge research on the built environment requires collaboration as well as a multidisciplinary approach. A quick and flexible problem-solving method has been developed with behavioral scientists of University of Helsinki. – The model called “knotworking” determines the critical knots of a project and brings together top experts to open them following an informal approach, according to Hannele Kerosuo, a researcher at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at University of Helsinki.

Urban Mill generates creative ideas for urban development

The Urban Mill was established in Otaniemi as an innovative meeting and work space for researchers, enterprises and cities in connection with the EUE (Energizing Urban Ecosystems) program of RYM Oy. – Experiences from the first year already showed that an interactive space and concept generate creative solutions. In many workshops, participating companies have discovered unexpected, quickly exploitable results, according to Kari Mikkelä of Järvelin Design Oy who introduced the Urban Mill at the RYM summit.

The recipients of the RYM Award 2013 were also announced at the RYM summit. The grand prize went to postdoc researcher Jukka Heinonen from Aalto University. An honorable mention was given to Jenni Poutanen,an architect at Tampere University of Technology.


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