Leadership in urban development through open cooperation

Leadership in urban development through open cooperation

The EUE program will create a multisectoral and multidisciplinary center of excellence for urban planning and development in Finland. Some of the activities and tools have been presented in a series of articles published in the Maankäyttö (land use) journal.

The Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE) program to be implemented in 2012-2015 has already produced many kinds of new tools and methods for built environment actors to seek solutions to the challenges of urbanization in collaboration. An excellent example is the Urban Mill built next to Aalto University´s Design Factory and Startup Sauna. There various parties to urban development – representatives of companies, researchers, city officials, users of the urban environment – can together create different urban innovations and IT-supported service concepts.


For example, the Espoo City Planning Centre has organized interactive development workshops at the Urban Mill. Spatial and service solutions for the high-rise buildings to be constructed in Keilaniemi have been developed and assessed there. Different student groups have also built several prototypes. After the demo phase in the fall of 2013, the service model of the Urban Mill will be perfected, its operations given more depth and international networking intensified. Read more at

New forms of urban development require open-minded integration of design and measurement know-how. The EUE program is also looking for new methods and solutions in this area. Special attention is paid to virtual worlds created by BIM which provide many new opportunities for interactive ideation and association with urban development professionals and users of the built environment. For example, there are plans to turn the regional information model into an export product.

International interaction occupies center stage in the EUE program. It will be promoted by building international expert networks, linking into global research programs, and organizing different international top events.

The budget of the EUE program is about 20 million euros. The research consortium includes Aalto University Properties Ltd, Adminotech Oy, DigiEcoCity Oy, Fortum Oyj, the City of Espoo, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Kemira Oyj, KONE Oyj, Ramboll Finland Oy, and SRV Yhtiöt Oyj. Research expertise is provided by Aalto University and the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.