INFRAMODEL 3 data exhange format will come into general use

INFRAMODEL 3 data exhange format will come into general use

Inframodel is an open data exchange format based on the international LandXML standard developed in Finland. The Finnish Transport Agency will require use of Inframodel 3 (IM3) in all its projects launched after May 1, 2014. Large Finnish cities also aim to introduce Inframodel 3 this year.

A uniform content for the latest version of the Inframodel was created in the InfraFINBIM work package of the RYM PRE program, as well as guidelines for data exchange related to input data and design and implementation models. It has also been tested and piloted in actual projects. General modeling requirements and guidelines for the infrastructure sector have been developed simultaneously and sector nomenclature has been expanded to support BIM.

– The Finnish Transport Agency requires use of the IM3 format in all design and implementation projects. In principle, this requirement applies to material handed over to the client. That ensures that the data are in software-independent open format available to all those involved in the project’s follow-up design and construction, says Tiina Perttula, BIM Development Manager at the Finnish Transport Agency.

– The Inframodel 3 format will be put to systematic use in the infrastructure sector this year. It is already being made use of in many design programs on the market as well as in measurement, machine control and inspection applications. The crucial factor, however, is that large public clients demand its introduction, says Juha Liukas of SITO Oy who has led the IM3 introduction project.

Liukas emphasizes the need of continuous development since modeling features and methods change quickly. Preliminary specifications for upcoming versions of the Inframodel format have already been made. The aim is to publish this year the specification for version 3.1 which contains certain new features. Maintenance and development will continue under the buildingSMART Infrastructure Business Group.


Tiina Perttula, Finnish Transport Agency,, tel. +358 40 517 6789
Juha Liukas, Sito Oy,, tel. + 358 40 725 8103