Granlund optimizing tool wins Energy Insight award

Granlund optimizing tool wins Energy Insight award

The optimizing tool for construction projects developed by Granlund Ltd won shared first prize in the 2014 Energy Insight Competition. The optimizing tool has been developed as part of the RYM Pre program.

 Buildings consume a significant share of energy in Finland, and many solutions deriving from their design have an impact on energy consumption. The Granlund optimizing tool allows effective calculation, comparison and visualization of different variables affecting construction projects, including the impacts of energy-efficient building solutions on indoor air. Calculation and generation of 100–1000 alternatives in a few hours is possible.

The optimizing tool has been developed as part of the Model Nova and ISES projects of the RYM Pre program and the Master’s Thesis of Tapani Idman titled ”Parametrization of energy simulation and development of energy-efficient building design, analysis and decision making process.” Mr. Idman is an HVAC designer at Granlund. Tuomas Laine, Ville Kukkonen, Antti Karola, Eino Kukkonen and Francisco Forns-Samso have also participated in the development of the optimizing tool at Granlund.

The Energy Insight Competition organized every other year by Expomark Oy and Finnish Energy Council FinnWEC is open to enterprises, individuals or groups of people. More than 30 persons or enterprises participated this year. Jorma Marttila’s ”Viljakas” solar-operated grain dryer was the other winner of a EUR 5,000 award besides the Granlund optimizing tool.

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