Design of a new urban ecosystem involves cross-border cooperation

Design of a new urban ecosystem involves cross-border cooperation

– When developing permanent solutions for future urban ecosystems, we must consider all elements of the built environment, stresses Jarmo Heinonen of RYM Ltd.

Heinonen introduced the EUE (Energizing Urban Ecosystems) research program at the annual meeting of RYM Oy. It is clearly the program with the broadest approach of any launched by RYM Oy. – The vision of the EUE program is to reach consensus on the design, development and management of future urban ecosystems and to convert that know-how into successful, global business, Heinonen continued.

– The EUE program requires cooperation
and looking beyond quarterly profits,
Jarmo Heinonen emphasized.

– That requires inviting the views of all sector actors and cooperation that looks beyond quarterly profits. Permanent results are impossible without them. Each participant must commit to the issue, even if it is not part of its core business.

Cities of the future will face a number of challenges from climate change to the digital lifestyle, from energy efficiency to novel business ecosystems.

– We have a great opportunity to create a totally new type of business both domestically and internationally, Heinonen continued. – It requires cooperation: at home we can compete with each other, but in the rest of the world we must be able to cooperate. Mutual suspicions must be abandoned.

Many challenges, many opportunities. The platform of
new business is the cloud in the middle of the figure.

In deviation from other RYM research programs, the EUE does not include separate work packages.

– Initially, we also planned to have four work packages. On closer thought, we decided that involvement with own packages is not sensible due to the nature of the program which calls for cooperation.

The Urban Mill creative hub opened in Otaniemi this spring is a fine example of setting a common goal for researchers, enterprises and cities in keeping with the philosophy of the EUE program.

– The next tryouts are in the fall. Then we will see who is in and who is not. If you stay out, where will you be then, Heinonen reminded.

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