The Royal Swedish Academy learned about RYM research

The Royal Swedish Academy learned about RYM research

RYM Oy, together with other SHOK companies, presented its operational model and best results to a delegation of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences led by Carl XVI Gustav, the king of Sweden. The delegation included many heavyweights of Swedish business and industry as well as science.

At the end of November, the more than 30-strong Royal Technology Mission spent three days familiarizing themselves with several enterprises and the Finnish innovation system. The experiences and results of SHOK companies invoked a lively discussion. The delegation was particularly interested in the selection of research themes and the strengthening of interaction between companies and researchers.

In its own presentation, RYM Oy focused on BIM-based development of design and building processes under leadership of Skanska Oy as well as cutting-edge multidisciplinary research into the development of learning environments.

A delegation member, the CEO of the NCC Group Peter Wågström, was particularly interested in learning how a globally operating group could make effective use of the results of RYM research. That is important also because many RYM Oy shareholders and companies participating in its research programs are owned internationally, says RYM Oy’s Director of Research Anssi Salonen.

Photo: Aalto University