The general meeting is the highest decision-making body of the company where all shareholders are represented The general meeting annually adopts the financial statements, the review by the board and the auditor´s report, elects board members and makes the key financing decisions from the viewpoint of the company´s operations.

A board of directors, consisting of 11 members each with a personal deputy member, oversees the activities of the company.

Regular member: Personal deputy member:
Juha Lemström, Senaatti Properties Jari Mäkimattila, A-Kruunu Oy
Vesa Ijäs, The Housing Finance and Development Centre Sari Hildén, City of Helsinki
Timo Nieminen, SRV Group Jan Elfving, Skanska Oy
Jaakko Kivi, Lemminkainen Group Sinikka Hartonen, Finnish Transport Agency
Jukka Noponen, Sitra Turkka Keinonen, Aalto University
Ilari Aho, Uponor (Chairman of the Board) Jussi Aho, Fira Oy
Pasi Rajala, Ramboll CM Oy Janne Jormalainen, SPU Oy
Jyrki Kesti, Ruukki Construction Tero Vanhanen, Hartela Group
Pekka Metsi, Granlund Oy Maija Jokela, Sweco PM Oy
Kari Reijula, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Helka-Liisa Hentilä, University of Oulu
Jari Puttonen, Aalto University Jarkko Rantala, Technical University of Tampere


Consultative committee

Each shareholder is represented in the consultative committee of RYM Oy, whose task is to support the board and operative
 management as well as serve as a debating forum and information channel. The board of the company appoints the chairman and members of the consultative committee. Representatives of interest groups may also be invited to the committee that convenes twice a year. The chairman of the consultative committee is Hannu Penttilä from city of Helsinki and vice chairman is Timo Nieminen from YIT Group.

Program preparation steering groups

Steering groups of 10-12 members led by the driver companies are set up to prepare research programs.

Office and staff

Unioninkatu14, 4th floor, 00130 Helsinki
CEO Ari Ahonen, Tel. +358 400 618 300, ari.ahonen(at)
Research Director Anssi Salonen, Tel. +358 40514 6181, anssi.salonen(at)