RYM Oy targets leading edge research and know-how on key projects from the viewpoint of the competitiveness of companies. That speeds up the commercialisation of their innovations.

The operational core of the strategic competence cluster of the built environment consists of research programs carried out jointly by enterprises and research institutes. The research programs with their goals, contents and resources are born as a result of focussing on the needs of companies. The goal is to create internationally recognised leading-edge expertise for the global real estate and construction markets.

RYM Oy research programs consist of internationally ambitious projects of research institutes and universities. The drivers of program preparation are always companies. A focussed research project (program) is devised to study future possibilities identified jointly by companies and researchers. It is then divided into clear-cut challenging sub-goals (work packages). Work packages are implemented jointly by companies and top researchers.

RYM Oy shareholders hold a key position in the planning of research programs. Other parties working for the realisation of a program´s goals may also take part in the programme. Company-specific and cluster projects that are challenging, even on an international scale, are set up to support research programs.

Follow-up and forecasting information on the global real estate and construction sector markets is gathered for the needs of shareholders and program activities as part of the RYM Oy strategy process. An attempt well be made to find research partners that are internationally recognised universities and research institutes. Financing will also be sought actively from international sources.

RYM Oy works in close co-operation with other SHOK companies. Administrative interaction between the companies is close, and research programmes or themes shared by two or more companies are also possible.

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