More profitable and sustainable business through innovations

RYM Ltd was founded in 2009 as the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation of built environment in Finland. Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation (SCSTI) companies like RYM Oy is totally new business concept in Finnish innovation system. We define it as “Venture for Intellectual Capital”. According to this analogy to VCI´s the Knowledge -venture company RYM Oy collects in first phase financing agreements. Then on the second phase it starts research programs as “funds”. In the third phase in the programs the work packages and tasks are like “spin off`s”.

In Finland we call these companies as SHOK companies. The letters S, H, O and K come from the first letters of Finnish words Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation.

RYM Oy has today 53 shareholders. It invests the funds and know-how of companies and public financiers of innovation in research areas most important for international competitiveness. Joint strategic leading-edge research will generate superior world-class expertise over the entire life span of the built environment.

RYM Oy offers real estate and construction sector companies, research institutes and universities a novel way of engaging in close, well planned and ambitious co-operation to develop and bolster cutting-edge expertise.

RYM Oy is engaged in:

  • production of forecasting information
  • acquisition and development of research funding
  • research programmes in selected spearhead areas
  • Living Labs as test platforms for research results
  • networked international operation
  • close co-operation with other SHOK companies
  • open, multichannel communication