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JUHA SALMI: A research result in 7 seconds, please!

Drawing on the controversy surrounding the Finnish philosopher Himanen, the SHOK discussion puts welcome pressure on communication of the results of research programs and projects. That calls for concise, illustrative and attractive ways of reporting what has been achieved. Research data must also be anchored to the daily life of people and the functioning of… Continue Reading

JUKKA HEINONEN: Life at a Top University

While on researcher exchange at University of California, Berkeley last fall, I was able to follow closely how one of the world’s top universities operates. Since we at Aalto University are busy trying to build ourselves into one, it is especially interesting to make a comparison. Continue Reading

TIMO HÄMÄLÄINEN: Let’s build natural well-being

TIMO HÄMÄLÄINEN: Let’s build natural well-being

Housing conditions have traditionally played a central role in the Finnish well-being debate which has focused on material well-being and people’s basic needs. Ensuring that everybody has a home, sufficient floor space and basic services nearby has been considered important. While these basic needs are still important, rapid societal change and increasing affluence have shifted… Continue Reading