BuildingSMART Finland – development forum for infrastructure modeling

BuildingSMART Finland – development forum for infrastructure modeling

A business group tasked with promoting and developing infrastructure sector BIM was formed on January 15, 2014 under BuildingSMART Finland, which is coordinated by  the Building Information Foundation RTS. Finland is the BIM leader in Europe whose infrastructure sector has developed rapidly toward set goals in the last few years

The established infrasector group continues the development work done in the Infra FINBIM work package of the RYM Oy PRE program supported by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The development work carried out in the InfraTM project of the Building Information Foundation RTS, sector companies and client organizations will also continue in the infrasector business group.

The Infra FINBIM project ends on April 30, 2014 and its results will be transferred to the  buildingSMART Finland (bSF) Infrastructure Business Group for further development and utilization. The key results consist of the Inframodel 3 (IM3) data exchange format, general modeling requirements, and the common nomenclature developed and tested in tens of pilot projects.

– Infrastructure modeling has come a long way. The technology has improved rapidly; now is the time to remove the barriers to data exchange in order to enable smart use of information. It is important that the good practices and guidelines developed in the Infra FINBIM project be made available to the entire sector, stresses Juha Liukas of SITO Oy who was appointed chairman of the bSF Infrastructure Business Group.

Giant step to world leadership

– The Finnish Transport Agency aims to deploy infrastructure modeling on a large scale. That requires close cooperation which makes buildingSMART Finland a natural forum for the work after Infra FINBIM. It will allow moving things forward together and agreeing on common goals, says Tiina Perttula, Infra Model Development Manager of the Finnish Transport Agency.

According to Perttula, it is important to follow world developments and remain actively involved in international development and standardization work. – Many alternatives have been suggested, but especially the Inframodel 3 data exchange format developed in Finland has aroused widespread interest. Monitoring of international standardization and contributing to it are a key task of the bSF Infrastructure Business Group, Perttula continues.

– The Finnish infrastructure sector has made great strides in the development of information modeling. It has skilfully combined industrial research, development work and international standardization. The pioneering work has opened doors for utilization of Finnish modeling expertise across the world, according to Ari Ahonen, CEO of RYM Oy.

BuildingSMART Finland is a committee of the Building Information Foundation RTS with about 70 building construction organizations involved in its operations. The Infrastructure Committee is expected to increase its membership by about 30–40 organizations.

For more information:

Tomi Henttinen, chairman of buildingSMART Finland, tomi.henttinen[at]
Juha Liukas, chairman of the bsF Infrastructure Business Group, juha.liukas[at]
Kimmo Laatunen, coordinator of the InfraFINBIM work package, kimmo.laatunen[at]
Harri Mäkelä, coordinator of the InfraTM project, harri.makela[at]
Tiina Perttula, Finnish Transport Agency, Infra Model Development Manager, tiina.perttula[at]