BIM is revolutionizing construction practices with Finland leading the way

BIM is revolutionizing construction practices with Finland leading the way

– The just finished PRE program of RYM Oy, the SHOK company for the built environment, strengthens Finland’s position as the global leader in BIM research and introduction, says Professor Arto Kiviniemi of University of Liverpool. BIM can improve construction quality, productivity and customer service radically.

Arto KiviniemiThe PRE (Built Environment Process Re-Engineering) program carried out in 2010–2014 involved 37 companies and 6 research institutes. With support from Tekes, they invested a total of about €21.8 million in the development of new BIM (Building Information Management)based procedures and business models.

According to Kiviniemi, the most significant results from the viewpoint of international research were achieved in the Model Nova work package coordinated by Senate Properties. An interactive operational model based on ”knotworking” was created in cooperation with the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at University of Helsinki and the SimLab of Aalto University to enable effective utilization of BIM at the most important phases of construction management, design and building.

Kiviniemi also highlights the DRUM concept developed for distributed data management and information interchange by Tekla and Aalto University. The globally pioneering research of Tekla has made it the leader in international Open BIM development.

Kiviniemi is convinced that the most significant PRE results nationally were attained in promoting the introduction of BIM in the infrastructure sector. The InfraModel format for open data exchange was developed in Finland for that purpose and general infrastructure sector BIM requirements are under preparation.

Utilization of BIM in property use and maintenance has been studied little in the PRE program and generally in BIM studies across the world. Since the potential benefits are very big, Kiviniemi suggests launching an Asset Information Management research program.

Agile program development and a wide range of funding sources

Presently RYM Oy is running the Indoor Environment and the Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE) programs which finish next year. The total investment is about €45 million.

– New research programs and joint undertakings are under planning with several companies and research institutes. They target e.g. the St. Petersburg housing markets, genuinely consumer-driven business models and new types of industrialization of building product services as well as decentralized energy saving and indoor air solutions. Their preparation is proceeding quickly, says Anssi Salonen, Director of Research at RYM Oy.

– Other new research ideas of companies are also welcome. Further processing of worthy ideas can be started quickly. The intention is to exploit a wide variety of sources in funding the programs and projects, Salonen notes.

For more information: Anssi Salonen, Director of Research, RYM Oy, tel. +358 40 514 6181,