BIM based management of road networks improves efficiency

BIM based management of road networks improves efficiency

Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be divided in three procedures in road maintenance process. First procedure is similar to a typical BIM process when building new infrastructure.  Second one is maintenance sectors’ own model for to handle one maintenance site or even whole road network. The third procedure is to know, how to store and use, during maintenance phases, the InfraBIM data produced when designing and constructing new infrastructures.

•The first developed procedure concluded that typical InfraBIM-model can be copied easily to maintenance and road rehab process by using same kind of model than typical construction process is using.

•The second procedure showed that InfraBIM-model is possible to be created typical structure improvement site-projects, where designer needs lots of information to get the best possible solution.

•The third procedure there result will be done in future when more BIM-models of new roads will be ready to store and handled for maintenance use. Maintenance BIM was exploring first two procedures, but also developing future scenarios for the third procedure type.

tiekuvaAdding the BIM-based designing phase to the paving process offers numerous opportunities to employ new methods and principles compared to the traditional paving approach.

Model-based designs that exploit geographic information can be executed with machine-control procedures of different grades. In its most exact form, the machine is controlled by fully automatic machine control. Because the procedure is currently rather expensive and time consuming, we tested whether the machine control codes could be transferred into the site by using palmtops (PDA device). Then the location-based designs are realized by steering the vehicles manually.

From 3D-road scanning to 3D-milling


Kimmo Laatunen, VR Track Oy • Manu Marttinen, NCC Roads • Tiina Perttula, Finnish Transport Agency


Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

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Finnish Transport Agency

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