An article on learning experiences is the most significant research publication of 2012

An article on learning experiences is the most significant research publication of 2012

“Doctoral students´ key learning experiences in the natural sciences” by Jenna Vekkaila, part of a doctoral dissertation, received the Emerald Literati Network Award for the Best Research Publication in 2012. The article chosen by Emerald Literati Network, one of the largest publication websites in the world, was written with support from the RYM Indoor Environment Program.

Other authors of the article besides Jenna Vekkaila were Kirsi Pyhältö, Kai Hakkarainen, Jenni Keskinen and Kirsti Lonka. The article is based on a study by the Research Group of Educational Psychology at University of Helsinki which analyzed the interaction between doctoral students and their work environments. Data was collected on 19 doctoral students of natural sciences that belong to a top-level research community in Finland. The article reports the study findings concerning the students´ most significant learning experiences while pursuing their doctorate degrees.

Learning experiences lead the way

The participating doctoral students found their experiences generally positive and instructive. They emphasized the importance of active participation, development as a scientific researcher, and the importance of developing special qualifications. They hoped to establish a natural balance between doctoral studies and other institutional tasks.

Learning experiences of doctoral students of natural sciences have seldom been studied. Doctoral educators, supervisors and students can utilize the results in creating environments that promote learning by students and advancement of researchers in scientific communities.

The award-winning article and the research behind it are related to the work package of the Indoor Environment Program that aims to develop learning environments.

Emerald brings visibility to the Indoor Environment Program

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