AEC Hackathon 2.7 Helsinki November 6-8th

AEC Hackathon 2.7 Helsinki November 6-8th

Invitation for technology developers, UX designers and architecture, engineering, construction professionals to solve industry challenges in the first AEC Hackathon in Finland.

Construction industry professionals and new technology developers and hackers are invited to join the first ever AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Hackathon in Finland. During the weekend of November 6-8 cutting edge technologies like 3D models, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), GIS tools, datasets and IoT (internet of things) sensors are used for making new solutions. Hack teams are invited to solve the challenges together with people designing, building, and maintaining our built environment. The best hacks will be awarded and the best team gets to pitch their idea at Slush and compete for the grand prize of 20 000 euros (

Participants are mentored by the industry professionals who help them build better demos and prototypes. Several hands-on presentations are held during the hackathon where possibilities of the new technologies are demonstrated. AEC Hackathon is the place to see and get information on what are the future digital tools of the architecture, engineering, construction professionals.

The architecture, engineering, construction industry is experiencing a digital change where new digital tools, data and technologies are increasingly taken into use. The industry needs new bright talents to solve the challenges and help companies to adopt the new technologies. AEC Hackathon originates from the USA and has been hugely successful on bringing architecture, engineering and construction professionals and technology experts together to collaborate and improve how our build environment is designed, built, and operated.

It’s also about building a global community of innovators. The digitalization of the industry introduces new opportunities in developing truly global service business, also for Finnish companies. This is a great opportunity to start building the global network of partners. Eight trillion euro global construction industry is not a small market.” says the local organizer Teemu Lehtinen.

The hackathon will also have a great lineup of speakers. Bruce Oreck, the former US Ambassador to Finland, will give a keynote speech on Friday evening at the hackathon kickoff. Other speakers during the weekend include Arto Kiviniemi (University of Liverpool), Anita Havele (Web3D Consortium), Dale Stenning (Hoffman Construction), Leif Granholm (Tekla), Otto Alhava (Fira) and Jyrki Keinänen (A-insinöörit). Tekla Corporation will provide the venue for the event (at Metsänpojankuja 1, Espoo). Other partners are City of Helsinki, Fira, YIT, Sweco, A-insinöörit, M.A.D., RYM, AE Partners, Aalto University, Unity, Colossal Order, Paradox Interactive, UpCloud and Thingsee.

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