A Hot UiBEX Get-together

A Hot UiBEX Get-together

The renewal of the Finnish construction industry is a hot topic. Over 100 people packed into a pizza restaurant downtown Helsinki on May 19, eager to exchange ideas on new ways of doing business for the built environment.

Peloton Club, the organizer of the event, is a peer-incubator and an open community for smart startups. This club gathering was inspired and hosted by UiBEX, RYM’s research program that is in preparation this summer.

Jussi Aho, CEO of FIRA, shared ideas on how to make construction business successful by turning it into true customer centric service. Jarmo Eskelinen of Forum Virium talked about cities as innovation enablers, and Henna Kärkkäinen of Ideapoiju demonstrated the business benefits of service design.

The attendees were also able to get acquainted with built environment startups and speed-date with them.

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